Our Brand

Isador is a name of Greek origin that means “the gift of Isis”. Isis was an Egyptian Goddess; the people’s goddess who helped her people in many ways. She was a symbol of strength and power yet also a symbol of a nurturing mother. We believe Isador will symbolize luxury, quality and reliability to our customers.


Founded in 2012 by Hassan Tantawy, Isadore has quickly established itself as a key supplier of high quality bed linen, bath towels, table linens and more to some of the finest hotels in the world.

Over the years, we have built a team of enthusiastic and experienced individuals that are passionate about the brand and believe in delivering the best quality Egyptian fabrics to their customers.  The team’s dedication has brought about an increased recognition from our competitors and our clients of the true quality and value of our linens

Following on from this success we have received a tremendous amount of requests for partnerships and to franchise our concept. We have travelled and researched many markets such as Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia and have finally decided to launch this new business from the United Arab Emirates.

We have taken the decision to build and manage a worldwide brand by ourselves after coming to a simple but very important conclusion, “No one will make, understand, represent, market or sell our products like we can”.  While we are establishing a new brand, our competitors have been in the market for more than 150 years and have established very strong brands. However, due to limited accessibility to “Egyptian cotton” these days, they have relied on using other kinds of cotton, which are far from the quality of Egyptian cotton.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the unsurpassed benchmark of quality and service in bed and bath linen, in the market. To build a unique Luxurious Linen Brand that offers the best style, quality, price and service in bed and bath products for both home and the hospitality industry.


  • All our fabrics are created using only 100% superfine Egyptian cotton.
  • By applying our expertise, using state of the art technology in spinning and weaving, we create the finest greige fabric in different thread counts and constructions.
  • Each individual item is cut and sewn by hand to precise specifications.
  • Our years of market experience will ensure friendly service with competitively priced quality products, catering for all markets.